Full Journal Articles

[J4]   Bhattacharya A., Ankrah E.A., Cahue-Flores L., Ritt-Olson A., Milam J., Torno L., and Hayes G.R.  (In submission), “You just get forgotten”: Mental Health Experiences of Childhood, Adolescent, and Young Adult Cancer Survivors. In submission for ToCHI

[C2]  Figueiredo, M.C., Ankrah, E.A., Powell, J.E., Epstein, D., Chen, Y. (under review). Powered by AI: Examining How AI Descriptions Influence Perceptions of Personal Health Applications. Under review for CHI

[C1] Ankrah E.A., Bhattacharya A., Donjuan L., Cibrian F.L., Ritt-Olson A., Milam J., Torno L., and Hayes G.R. (2022) When Worlds Collide: Boundary Management of Adolescent and Young Adult Childhood Cancer Survivors and Caregivers. In CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI ’22), April 29– May 05, 2022, New Orleans, LA, USA. ACM, New York, NY, USA, 16 pages.

[J3] Cibrian FL, Monteiro E, Ankrah E, Beltran JA, Tavakoulnia A, Schuck SEB, et al. (2021)Parents’perspectives on a smartwatch intervention for children with ADHD: Rapid deployment and feasibility evaluation of a pilot intervention to support distance learning during COVID-19. PLoSONE 16(10):e0258959.

[J2] Silva, L.M., Cibrian, F.L., Epstein D., Bhattacharya, A., Ankrah E.A., Monteiro, E, Beltran J.A., Schuck S., Lakes, K.D, Hayes, G.R (2021), Adapting Multi-Device Deployments During a Pandemic: Lessons Learned from Two Studies. IEEE Pervasive Computing Special Issue: Out-of-Lab, doi: 10.1109/MPRV.2021.3104262 (Link)

[J1]   Ankrah, E.A., Cibrian, F.L., Silva, L. M., Tavakoulnia A., Beltran J.A., Schuck S., Lakes, K.D, Hayes, G.R, (In Submission). Me My Health and My Watch: How Children with ADHDUnderstand Smartwatch Health Data. Under review for ToCHI

Extended abstracts, Workshop publications, and Doctoral consortiums

[P3]  Williamson, A., Goulet, S., Kameswaran, V., Ankrah, E.A., Dillahunt, T., Veinot, T., (2020), Intermediary Practices for Low-Income Telehealth Users in the COVID-19 Era. In AMIA Annual Symposium Proceedings, WISH Workshop        

[P2]  Ankrah, E.A., Hayes, G.R. (2020) Exploring Privacy Concerns for Pregnant Expats in the US. Workshop: Networked Privacy – Privacy and Power. CHI’ 20

[P1]  Figueiredo, M.C., Hussain, M.I., Ankrah, E.A., Chen, Y. (2019). Powered by AI: Analyzing the Influence of Artificial Intelligence Claims in Fertility Self-Tracking. Workshop: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities in Human–AI Collaboration in Healthcare. In CSCW 2019